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Building trust on the path to recovery


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Far reaching impacts of the COVID-19 crisis continue to be felt around the world, with human and economic consequences of a scale rarely witnessed.

As Australia begins its path to recovery, with an easing of certain restrictions, organisations continue to grapple with day-to-day uncertainties as the States individually move to adopt the government’s newly announced 3 Step Framework for a Covidsafe Australia.

With many business owners keen to get back to some sort of ‘business as usual’, effective internal and external communication remains a critical component of any organisational recovery strategy – along with the ability to adapt and innovate quickly in the evolving environment.

While the thoughts of government and private enterprise may be turning toward economic recovery, after weeks of being confined to their homes consumers are understandably cautious.

The ability to lead an organisation while protecting and building brand reputation will depend on how well businesses can communicate to maintain trust and build consumer confidence amidst the changing expectations of stakeholders.

Here’s our tips on what to prioritise when it comes to using effective communication as we progress to reopening the Australian economy.

  1. Always follow official public health advice, and be familiar with available employer resources.
  2. Ensure employees are informed and onboard with your organisations’ procedures for helping to keep all parties safe. Internal communication is key to gaining the confidence and support of your team, which will be necessary for a positive customer experience.
  3. Know who you’re talking to, make the time to monitor social media channels and understand consumer sentiment. What are your customer’s concerns? What do they want? How can your business address those needs? Through what online and offline media channels can they be reached?
  4. Provide solutions and avoid the hard sell. Let customers know what they can do to help protect themselves as they move toward physical reconnection with your business. Provide useful, practical information and explain what measures are being taken by the business to protect consumers.
  5. Our last (but certainly not least) tip is to avoid over-reassurance. Consumers must be able to trust and believe in the messages being communicated.

Hashtag Group has extensive experience in developing internal and external communications strategies for small businesses as well as large organisations. If you could you use a little help effectively communicating with your stakeholders as we navigate through these strange times, drop us a line at or call 0449 894 956.

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