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Value of storytelling in the digital era


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Storytelling is an extraordinary tool which can work wonders for businesses.

It’s more than just an every-day conversation – it’s how the story of the business is portrayed through the public eye. Whether it’s through strategic marketing, public relations, or a curated Instagram feed; everything shared to the public is establishing a story.

Brand-driven storytelling goes well beyond advertising. It helps build and clearly identifies a brand, nurtures the growth, creates lasting business and relationship builds with consumers, and is what is often used to create a successful and robust marketing plan.

It’s a powerful age-old practice. The first sign of storytelling dates back to 9000-years ago. Stories were transcribed onto rocks, stone, clay and paper, and were shared among towns. In fact, it’s how journalism began.

Skip ahead to the world today, stone and clay have just been replaced by websites and social media. The major difference is that it’s gone from a few minorities sharing their thoughts to mass communities to now quite literally every single person in the world having a voice.

This makes living in the digital era a benefit and burden. With the over saturation of people and business sharing their stories online, it can be hard to stand out.

This is why storytelling and its purpose is more valuable than ever.

Sometimes when people live and breathe their business, they can forget how to explain it simply in a clear message. Or for others who can easily define their business and what they do, they may not know where to begin to get the story out there and share all the great things they do.

That’s where Hashtag Group can help.

We’re experts in storytelling, communications and public relations. It’s all about sending the right message, to the right place, to the right people and creating a stronger brand reputation.

When a story captures a person’s attention and engages them, they are more likely to absorb the message and meaning within it.

Whether it’s curating an Instagram feed, writing blogs to answer questions people may have about the business, arranging a photoshoot, establishing launch or brand strategy, or showcasing what you do to the wider public through news and media – our goal is to help connect you to people and grow your business.

Here at Hashtag Group, we understand the importance of storytelling. In fact, this is only just part of our own story about what we can do to help you.

Let's grow your brand together!

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